TDP Design Times: April 2019

TDP Design Times: April 2019

TDP Monthly Newsletter

April 2019


Project Highlights

In the fall of 2018 Roots Church had the opportunity to purchase a large, commercial building to be their new home. Since partnering with TDP, a mission is coming alive!

We believe this facility will have the capacity to fulfill the church’s mission, “To take as many people to Heaven before we die. Period.”

The commercial, factory building began as 42,000 SF, but, is expanding into a 54,000 SF home base for the Roots family and their guests. The designs will include large fellowship areas, a café, kids and youth areas, and much more. Take a look at the before and afters below to get a better idea of where Roots Church started and where they will end up. You will want to make sure you are sitting down for this one!!

There is still a lot of work to be done but we couldn’t wait for you to take a look at some of the earlier processes of this unique design. Check back with Roots Church or TDP to see more project highlights!



April Office Events

Tommy Hawks Axe House!

We had such a fun time at Tommy Hawks Axe House in Springfield for April’s office event! As always, we had a little friendly competition to see if anyone had that special “Axe Arm”. Learning how to throw an axe is a sport all in itself, but what a grand experience for the TDP team it was, we even hit a few bulls-eyes!

With the most points and new bragging rights, we crowned Tim Nimmo the night’s winner!!



Winner of the axes Timmy!

Group Photo




















April Trophy

In other office news, we continued on with March Madness for our April trophy winner! Our team put in their brackets for the championship game and while many of them didn’t make the cut, Kate and Greg stayed neck and neck!

April Trophy Winner: Greg Jacobs

Employee Spotlight


Aaron King

Architect, SR. Project Manager

Aaron, originally from Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, and a graduate from Kansas State University, joined the TDP family in January as an Architect and Project Manager.

I . O . J . (Inside Office Joke) – On Aaron’s 2nd day of work, a police officer came to our office looking for him! No joke! The police
officer stated that their department had received a call and there was no answer from the other side, but they knew
that the call had been made from our location and the phone number belonging to Aaron. As the office manager, urgently
brought the police officer through each busy studio, the TDP staff began to buzz!  Approaching Aaron’s desk, he turns and looks in
disbelief, that a police officer is standing right in front of him. Turns out, Aaron had accidentally pocket-dialed our local
police station!

When asked what interested him in becoming an architect, Aaron stated “I first became interested in architecture when I took a class in high school, mechanical drafting. The class had nothing to do with architecture, but I enjoyed doing the drawings and using the tools to get the drawings done; T-squares, triangles, compasses….tools that aren’t apart of the process anymore. That class eventually led me to do more drafting classes and further interest me in becoming an architect. Aaron enjoys the parts of his job in the construction phase and solving problems that need to be addressed.

Outside of the office, Aaron enjoys time outside working in his yard and fixing something in their 100-year-old home with his wife Cathy. For the most part, he says, he likes doing those things, but most are done out of necessity. However, he really enjoys when the weather allows him to spend time out in their back yard around the fire pit.

Just For Fun

We all heard of the devasting news of the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire in April this year. As many people are still mending the broken pieces of their hearts, a new vision from creative experts is on the rise to rebuild on the remaining of this beautiful Cathedral. Miysis Studio has set a proposed design combining the old with the new. The design, featured on Dezeen’s article, shows Miysis Studio’s modern glazed styled roof, a mix perfectly balanced with history meeting the future.

To see more pictures and find out more details on Miysis Studio amazing designs click here.


Photo design by Miysis Studio