TDP Design Times : August 2019

TDP Design Times : August 2019

TDP Monthly Newsletter

August 2019


Project Highlights

Torgerson Design Partners has had the privilege of working on 171 O’Reilly Auto Parts locations thus far in our partnership.  Of which, 6 are currently in the works, 66 under permit review or construction, and 99 built.  TDP has worked with several State, City, Fire, and other local jurisdictions with this multitude of projects while working through permitting processes.  Though it can be challenging at times to understand every nuance specific jurisdictions may have, these sharpen our skills.  We’ve been able to flex a little design into a few of the O’Reilly Auto Parts locations to respond to local design requirements.  Great examples of local design enhanced stores are the Middletown, OH, Douglas Hills, KY, and Albuquerque, NM locations.  We like this work for its steady, roll-out, and scheduled nature.  TDP is happy to have O’Reilly Auto Parts as a client.






August Office Event

Andy B’s

For the month of August, TDP took over Andy B’s for a night of team building. We broke into four different teams for the night to compete. We participated in fun games like laser tag, arcade games, and bingo bowling. Yellow and Pink teams were neck and neck, however, towards the end of the night, the pink team took the lead and won (and soaked in every minute..) We had such a blast at this event and look forward to each monthly event that we get to spend learning more about each other and bonding as a close-knit team!






Community Outreach

The Historic River District, a local non-profit focused on the revitalization of the downtown district, put on a Happy Hour for the 85 Local businesses within the District. The goal was to network and connect with those businesses, as well as, allow for them to hear what the district is doing to elevate Ozark as a city and community. Our TDP employees that are on the committee and attended this event were; Jeff Masters, Abbye Torgerson-Bobbett, Lacey Slagle, and Anna Torgerson.

The event was held at a local restaurant, The Finley, which is located in the HRD. The event turnout was a huge success as the 66 in attendance got to know one another! This was huge for the HRD, as it was the first event they had put on. A presentation was given to the group on the goals of the HRD organization and upcoming projects and events. A huge thank you to all that attended and be on the lookout for community events put on by this organization!

Employee Spotlight

Kate Nimmo

Interior Design Associate

Originally from Southwest Missouri, Kate graduated from Crowder College with an Associate’s Degree in General Studies as a first-generation college student. After graduation, she moved to Springfield to study Interior Design and Construction Management at Missouri State University. Here she studied every facet of design from construction documents to final interior selections. Kate joined TDP in 2018 with a background consisting primarily of residential design. With a positive attitude, Kate is always ready to take on the next assignment with a passion for client satisfaction and public wellbeing.

What your nickname?  – Kate… My name is actually Caitlyn.

What’s something fun/new in your life? – We are renovating our master bath at home… you can say it has been interesting…

As we finish up this interview and you step outside of the office to find a lottery ticket that ends up winning you $10 million. What would you do? – Build a cabin in the woods, buy a cherry red 1992 Jeep Cherokee, and have an obnoxiously large savings account.  

If you had a choice between the two superpowers, being invisible or flying, which would you choose? – Flying, that way I could travel for free!

If you could be any animal what would you be and why? – I would be an eagle. They are so powerful and beautiful! I think it would be really neat. Also, I would get to fly which is a bonus!

Just For Fun

Check out this fun and colorful market place in Dandaji, Niger! The colorful canopies for this rural area is now a permanent daily market place home for many within the community. The sustainable artwork created by Architecture studio Atelier Masomi is made out of recycled metal canopies to provide shade for many distributors to sell products because of the difficulty to grow trees within this desert climate. We love to see how other countries incorporate color and culture in their architecture.

To learn more about this special market click here!

Photo by Atelier Masomi