TDP Design Times: February 2019

TDP Design Times: February 2019

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February 2019

Project Highlight

The design for Ozark Fire Protection District’s new station #2 is continuing to move forward. We’ve been working with the OFPD design committee to come up with a cutting-edge design integrated with historic elements. At the beginning of the design process, we found out that they really loved the ‘traditional’ and historical look but wanted it to be unique and up-to-date. Our focus throughout the design was to find a middle ground that incorporated the look of some of these historic elements such as brick and stone, a historic tower element, etc. but also appealed to the eye in today’s modern design age with lots of glass and steel and some wood materials to warm it up. In the latest approved rendering, we took their branding to the next level by incorporating their signature colors (red and black) into the exterior siding maters. With the design committees sign-off, we have begun construction documents! Stay tuned for more!

February Office Event

Our February office event was Clue Pursuit!

At TDP we love to have fun outside the office! Here are some fun photos of our staff members last weekend at Clue Pursuit. The two teams had a blast trying to break out the escape code rooms. Both teams escaped on time, but team two came out on first with Cody as their MVP for the night!

Team One!

Team Two!

Group Photo!

Team Two Winner & MVP, Cody!

Employee Spotlight


Kerry Weil

Architectural Draftsman

Meet Kerry Weil, an Architectural Draftsman, and newbie to the TDP family. He’s a Northwest Arkansas native with a background in the United States Air Force, serving 10+ years’ with experience in the electrical field. After leaving the air force, Weil’s took an interest in 3D modeling and later studied in Drafting and Design at OTC.

Weil’s now residing in the beautiful Ozarks, says some of his favorite things about working here at TDP; is the location (which is minutes away from his home), working on 3D modeling, and working with such a strong team.

He enjoys spending time reading books (some favorite authors are Terry Goodkind & Steven King), playing chess online, and playing terribly on the guitar to pass time! However, he says, when the suns out and shining, he loves to take road trips on his Harley Davidson bike.

Just For Fun


Photo by Byeong Keun Lee

Check out this really cool Glamping resort in South Korea! Since camping parks are not permitted in South Korea due to legislation, this beautiful private resort on jeju island makes up for it!
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