TDP Design Times: July 2019

TDP Design Times: July 2019

TDP Monthly Newsletter

July 2019


Project Highlights

Walls and roof are going up at Heritage Bank in Camdenton, MO! Quick update on a project with our friends over at Federal Construction. This new Heritage Bank location is right on track to begin serving the Ozarks soon.



July Office Event

Beach Day

For July’s office event, we gathered up the crew and went down to Moonshine Beach in Branson, Mo! Nothing like a nice relaxing day on the beach with friends! Although it was a packed house, we still manage to have fun and enjoy each others company! We spent the day working on our tan lines, grilling some burgers, and playing in the lake to cool off! Also, what’s a day at the beach without a game of cornhole?! Our TDP trophy went to our newest team member Kaitlyn! Look at that flex and big smile!

Kaitlyn (Winner) and Greg

TDP Crew


Community Outreach

“Children are our most valuable resource.” 

— President Herbert Hoover

We are so proud of the community here in the 417! Fact of the day: The Ozark community operates a Summer Food Program ran by Ozark Food Harvest, which helps the children in our community to worry less about food and focus more on the fun! This amazing outreach helps out many families working long hour jobs and needing help to provide food for their children. We love the children in this community and providing a helping hand is what Ozark Food Harvest does best.

Employee Spotlight

Fun Addition


Kyle Rader

Principal Architect and Sr. Project Manager

What your nickname?  –  “Rader, It’s an easy transition to my last name.”

What’s something fun/new in your life?” I have a new baby daughter! Her name is Allison, she was born 2 pounds 3oz, and was about 10 weeks early.”

We finish the interview and you step outside of the office and find a lottery ticket that ends up winning you $10 million. What would you do?” I would pay off all my debts, then I would invest in something that would give me passive income, and then have fun with the rest. I’d keep working because I would get bored”

If you had a choice between two superpowers, being invisible or flying, which would you choose? – “Flying! I like being in other places, but I don’t like flying on airplanes. So, if I can fly myself then I could be in other places.”

If you could be any animal what would you be and why? – ” I would be a lion because they’re strong and powerful yet they do very little.”

Just For Fun

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, we can save the planet! This is the Cork House, that’s right I said cork! This home was made out of the recyclable material, cork, and they did a phenomenal job with it!
According to the Dezeen article, the house comprises of five volumes topped by pyramid-like skylights and is constructed from sustainability-sourced cork blocks supported by timber components. It is designed so that in the future it can be easily dismantled, reused or recycled.

To read up more on this article on Dezeen click here!

Photo by Matthew Barnett Howland

Photos by Matthew Barnett Howland