TDP Design Times: June 2019

TDP Design Times: June 2019

TDP Monthly Newsletter

June 2019


Project Highlights

This months project highlight is a special one for TDP. Torgerson Design Partners is proud to be a leading Architecture Firm in Public Safety and Emergency Medical Facilities. Since 2012, TDP has partnered with Air Medical Group Holdings and has completed over 100 EMS facilities! We have also designed multiple fire stations along with over 20 hospitals. Our founder, John Torgerson, was a ground/flight medic for 10 years before pursuing his career in architecture. Through his expertise, we have gained an understanding of the importance of having adequate facilities to allow emergency staff to protect their communities. Through our years of experience, we’ve also become experts in helipad design, and have expanded our FAA knowledge.

Here are a couple of highlight EMS projects!

Video of a helipad in Rome, GA.

Air Medical Group National Head Quarters—West Plains, MO

Ozark Fire Station #2– Ozark, MO

As these facilities serve the community’s needs during times of crisis, it is our goal to build above-average facilities that are both functional and flexible for those who risk their lives to protect us. We have a powerful team of talented professionals that are versatile and have a passion for projects such as these. TDP has worked hard over the past 7 years to earn the title as the most experienced firm in the area and we are proud of it! We believe conducting business with integrity is the way to build a strong business and are excited to continue work in this field. Reach out to Anna Torgerson to schedule a consultation to discuss your next EMS project!


June Office Event

Springfield Cardinals Baseball Game

Another eventful TDP office outing in the books! We had a blast watching the Springfield Cardinals beat Midland 4-1! Nothing beats quality time, awesome food, and perfect weather. GO CARDS!

Community Outreach

Rejuvenate Women’s Conference

What a special time it was for the ladies of TDP this month. During the month of June, we had the privilege to attend the 2nd annual Rejuvenate Women’s Conference. We got the opportunity to listen to some amazing and powerful women speak, who impact our community. Keynote speaker Teresa McGeehan brought down the house with her strong message called “Power of Presence,” helping us to remember to truly value our work community. We work with a fantastic and vibrant community here in Ozark, and we love getting to serve this community every day. The PEOPLE here are our biggest asset. We are so lucky to be in a local community where we are constantly surrounded by women who push us to be the best we can be. Special thanks to the Ozark Chamber of Commerce for putting on such a stunning event. TDP ladies are feeling more rejuvenated than ever! Until next year!


Sertoma Duck Race Festival

TDP team members, along with so many other outstanding leaders in the community, had a blast volunteering for the Finley River Days. The 2019 Duck Race Festival benefits Care to Learn Ozark and Dogwood Ranch, which provides equine-assisted therapy and counseling services. The Children’s Smile Center Balloon Glow, held annually on the Friday night before the Duck Race, is the largest fundraiser each year for Children’s Smile Center. The organization provides dental care to children in low-income families served by MoHealthNet, or Medicaid. We are blessed to be part of such a strong, involved, and charitable community. We are always looking for more ways to impact those who make up Christian County. The weather held out for us and the fireworks turned out great! Already looking forward to next year…especially those amazing food trucks!


Employee Spotlight


Kaitlyn Kliethermes

Architecture Intern

Kaitlyn Kliethermes grew up in a small town in Central Missouri where everyone knew each other. Growing up, her dad was an architectural drafter by night and would work late drawing residential plans. Kaitlyn’s love for design began at a young age, seeing her dad’s passion for it and being in awe of how the design would end up.

As she grew older, she lost sight of how much design intrigued her until she took a class in high school reminding her what she loved and has never looked back. Kaitlyn is a new graduate from Drury University with a Master of Architecture. Kaitlyn also earned two minors in Graphic Design and Design Arts.

Kaitlyn enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as, time alone to curl up with a good book. She loves movies, music, and Broadway which leads her to often make obscure Disney/musical references.
At TDP, Kaitlyn is looking forward to furthering her education of the architecture field in all aspects of design to deliverables!

Just For Fun

Tehran Eye, Vertical Street designed by Farshad Mehdizadeh


Check out the Tehran Eye! This new vertical street designed shopping center is located in the heart of Tehran, Iran! The beautifully reorganized vertical street designed by Farshad Mehdizadeh has eye-catching views all the way to the top! There is a beautiful garden oasis that awaits you with spectacular views of the city!

To see more photos of this grand reorganized design by Farshad Mehdizadeh click here

Photos by Ali Kazemi