TDP Design Times: March 2019

TDP Design Times: March 2019

TDP Monthly Newsletter

March 2019


Project Highlights

We have been working on something pretty special lately and it’s about time we shared, here is the Century Pines Assisted Living expansion and renovation! Century Pines has been serving the senior population of Christian, Greene and the surrounding areas for nearly 40 years. When the owner of Century Pines decided it was time to renovate and expand the existing facility they came to us, and we are sure glad they did! You can see the project will embody the motto “a place to call home” by implementing strictly natural colors as well as the element of cedar shingles and trussing. We drew our inspiration for this project from the existing grounds and gardens to make the expansion and renovation seem as natural as possible. Doesn’t it just make you want to cozy up by the fire with a cup of coffee? Stay tuned for more updates!

March Office Events

Our March office events were Empanada and Wine night at Cellar + Plate and celebrating TDP’s March Trophy Winner! 

Empanada and Wine Night!

We had so much fun at Cellar + Plate in Springfield last week, for our wine and empanada night! Our team put on their chef’s hats and made empanadas for the very first time!  Office life at TDP can be very busy for each of us, however, we love to get together and have fun with our amazing team and eat delicious food.


Cellar + Plate Empanada and Wine Night!


March Trophy

In other, festivities for the month of March, we had a friendly office competition for St. Patty’s Day to put our creative skills to the test. A few staff member made an entry in the competition, bringing in their St. Patty’s Day themed project for our Friday’s morning breakfast! We did have some delicious entries and those were quickly devoured!  However, out of all the fabulous entries, our TDP trophy for March went to Kate Nimmo for her amazing skills in artistry!


Kate Nimmo, March Trophy Winner!

Employee Spotlight



Janet Robinson

Marketing and Administrative Assistant

Janet, our California native, now living in Hollister, Missouri is TDP’s Marketing and Administrative Assistant. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from the College of the Ozarks and is proud to be the first college graduate in her family. She has a passion for people and all things cultural, she says; she is forever learning, and wanting to inspire others while making a difference in peoples lives! She’s a creative individual, who loves art, design, knowledge, and travel.

Janet joined the TDP team 2 months ago with a background primarily in Public Relations. Her favorite things about working here at TDP are getting to meet new people, while, using her creative skills in marketing. She also, states “I really enjoy Friday breakfast gathering, it’s a fun time for everyone to get to know each other, laugh, and wind down from the busy week. The atmosphere here at TDP is very inviting and makes for a fun place to work!”


Outside of the office, Janet enjoys shopping, cooking, working out with friends, and spending time with loved ones.  She prefers days when she gets to travel with her family or friends, to new places and spaces and find fun things to do. 

Her quote to live by: “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”

Just For Fun

Check this out! A team from the University School of Architecture in Beijing has created this 26.3-meter-long (that’s just under 29 yards) concrete bridge in Shanghai built by a 3D printer, which they claim is the longest in the world! The bridge was constructed from 176 concrete units that were printed by two robotic arm 3D printing systems and was completed in 450 hours – that’s only 18.75 days! Not only was this bridge completed in a fraction of the time it takes to build a bridge the “old fashioned way”, but it was also significantly less expensive.

Check out more details and design photos HERE!

Photo Credit: & JCDA