TDP Design Times: May 2019

TDP Design Times: May 2019

TDP Monthly Newsletter

May 2019


Project Highlights

Wheeler Building

The Workshop is an exciting facility coming to Finely Farms in Ozark. The building is a restored industrial garage. The unique brick building has many old-industrial building elements that give the place character. On the interior, look up and see the wood roof framing supported on arched steel trusses. Details like these are being preserved and celebrated to create a beautiful and inspiring environment for the venue. The Workshop is an educational and community space, where classes will be available on the farm to table topics such as cooking, crafts, florals, planting, canning, and more. The Workshop will also have a coffee shop and is intended to be a social space that stirs community and creativity. Construction is well on the way, with the progress visible every week from the neighboring Farmer’s Market, and the Workshop is scheduled to be open later this summer.

Tabernacle Baptist Church

For more than a century Tabernacle Baptist Church has been serving the Carrollton, GA area. With over 2,600 members the church continues to reach their mission “To know, show, and share Jesus Christ”. With so many members, the church began to think of the ways they could make a larger impact on the people that choose to call their church home. This is where we step in. The church has started down the path of reworking its facility to create a more welcoming home for its members and guests. The change begins on the exterior with more welcoming entrances that will include new vestibules for member and guest convenience. Once inside the atmosphere has drastically changed. What was once a dark, uninviting space now become a light, bright, and inviting fellowship area for all members and guest. The design has been driven by creating a more welcoming space while keeping with the original southern charm of the church. When the renovation is complete you will be stepping into a familiar, yet rejuvenated, facility. We are lucky to be a part of such an amazing project with such amazing partners as Paragon360. Keep a look out for any updates, we’ll be sure to keep you updated!




Community Outreach

Groundbreaking of Ozark Fire Station #2

We love supporting our local community and those who protect it. TDP attended the groundbreaking celebration for the Ozark Fire Station #2. We are so excited about the startup of this project! Being in partnership with community projects is what we thrive to do!

Groundbreaking of the Second Ozark Fire Station

Ozark Golf Classic, presented by Youngblood Auto Group

TDP takes pride in being involved with our local community! This month we connected with fellow businessmen and women in the community and created lasting relationships. Here are team members Adam Kreher and Anna Torgerson, out at the second annual Ozark Golf Classic hosted by Ozark Chamber of Commerce! Way to show team spirit, guys!

Pictured from left to right: Nathan Henderson, Shane Fraser, Adam Kreher, Anna Torgerson

May Office Event

For our May’s office event, we attended the grand opening of the Ozark Farmers Market!

We believe the heart of the home is in our community. Working on community projects will always have a special place in our hearts. For May’s office event, we attended the grand opening of the Ozark Farmers Market here at Finley Farms. We are so thrilled to be in partnership with the Finley Farms project, and doubly excited to have a local farmers market in the area! To show our support, TDP sponsored the live entertainment for the entire month of May at the farmers market! Here are a few candid photos of the Ozark Farmers Market and our TDP staff!



TDP Office Staff


Employee Spotlight



Collin Mettenbrink

Architecture Intern

Originally born in Minnesota, and raised in Nebraska Collin is a country boy who sought out the big city life when he moved to Springfield Missouri to study architecture at Drury University. While studying at Drury, this wanderlust farm boy got the chance to experience the world when he studied abroad in Greece.  Recently finishing his fourth of five years at Drury, Collin recently joined the team as an intern and is eager to learn about the world of professional practice.

Outside of the office, in his free time, Collin enjoys playing and writing music, sports and cold brews with good friends!




Anna Torgerson

Marketing Director

Anna Torgerson is the new Director of Marketing for Torgerson Design Partners. She earned her degree in marketing and communication through the University of Missouri. After spending many hours competing in collegiate marketing competitions, she fell in love with the ability to listen to client’s problems and find a colorful solution. Anna knows what it truly takes to make ideas come to life and lives by the motto, “People do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it”. Anna chose to pursue marketing and communication because of her love of people and the ability to share their stories. She feels like TDP gives her that platform. She is most excited about the opportunity to showcase TDP’s unique ability to transform a client’s expectations into a reality. Being part of a team that feels more like a family was another compelling aspect that stood out to her when choosing her employment.

As a fellow Ozark native, she is excited to move back to town. She is passionate about helping grow the community, building lasting connections and relationships and hopes to become part of many organizations and non-profits throughout her career.

Outside of work, she is an avid fan of all things sports and outdoors. Being an extreme extrovert, she spends the majority of her time with friends and family. She enjoys the lake, skiing, coffee, good food, and live music.

Just For Fun

Vo Trong Nghia Architects builds Castaway Island Resort from bamboo

Summer is now in full swing! The sun is shining, the water glistening, and the grills are smoking. The best part about summer is the chance to fly away to a tropical getaway. Guess what?? We have the perfect location for you! The Castaway Island Resort on Vietnam’s northern coast has built all bamboo huts and restaurants. They can house 150 tourists and sits on a 3000-square-meter strop of private beach sandwiched perfectly between a luscious green mountain range and Lan Ha Bay. The architect of the restaurant and studio says, “Each of the 13 bamboo-shell units is composed of 80 straight sections of bamboo, creating a wavy ceiling and a rhythmic roofscape”, “Despite the construction of the project, the site is left intact, nature preserved thanks to the environmentally-friendly bamboo structures”. I don’t know about you but a private vacation (It can only be reached by boat!), breathtaking scenery, warm temperatures, while slipping your feet into the sand and sipping on a tasty drink sounds like my type of vacation. Castaway Island Resort is calling your name!


Check out more details and design photos HERE!