TDP Design Times: November 2018

TDP Design Times: November 2018

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November 2018


Project Highlights









Ozark Fire Station No. 2 is one step closer to becoming a reality! Before bidding kick off, we presented the final design to the fire board. We arrived at our design through precedent and character studies. Finding the middle ground between traditional versus modern was our main goal. By doing so, we were able to pay homage to historical firehouses while incorporating modern design ideas, the latest technology, and ensured that the modern comforts of home were provided. The exterior design is a combination of Spec-Brik, LP Smart Side, Longboard rain screen siding, modular brick, and Spec-Brik jumbo. The interior design was inspired by pulling historical elements such as brick, steel, and concrete in along with modern uses of lighting and color. Branding was a big deal as we wanted the building and everything in it to reflect their character and pride in the Ozark Fire Protection District. By remembering Ozark’s rich history and keeping the community our priority, we were able to design an iconic building that is both efficient and modern while tying back to our historic roots. Stay tuned for more updates on this project, as bidding wraps up December 6th!





November Office Event

Our November office event was our company Thanksgiving meal!

We have so much to be thankful for here at TDP! To celebrate, we had an amazing Thanksgiving meal with all kinds of delicious food. Each of us brought in a dish to share and everything was so good! While enjoying our Thanksgiving feast and eating until we couldn’t breathe, we had a great time visiting with each other and watching parades on TV from years past. After everyone had finished eating and we could all move again, Christmas decorations were brought out! It was so much fun putting up the tree, lights and other decorations. We are ready for Christmas! Also, a big congratulations to Lacey for winning the TDP trophy in October for her amazing Halloween costume! There were several great costumes this year, but the people spoke and voted Lacey as the winner!





Employee Spotlight


Kate Nimmo

Interior Design Associate

Kate is originally from southwest Missouri and studied Interior Design and Construction management at Missouri State University. She studied every aspect of design from construction documents to final interior selections. Kate joined the TDP team 2 months ago with a background primarily in residential design. Her favorite thing about working at TDP is the attention to detail. Not only in the work here at TDP but in the work culture as well. “I really enjoy the Monday meetings that help me set my goals for the week and center my mind on what needs to be done, as well as the Friday breakfast which helps to wind down the busy week. It is really a very inviting, fun place to work where I am able to learn valuable skills from the amazing people that work with me!”

Kate has always had a pretty vivid imagination and has never had a problem “seeing” a design, concept or image that she has wanted to create. “I understood that it wasn’t typical for everyone to have that ability. I wanted to be in a career field where I could help people see their visions come to life and when researching what I could be, I came across interior design”. She has a very positive attitude and is always putting client satisfaction and public well-being first.

Outside of the office, Kate enjoys hiking, gardening or even just yard work. She prefers days when she can spend most of her time outside. Kate and her husband have recently purchased their first house so she will be spending most of 2019 updating and remodeling. She and her husband also plan on planting a very large garden next spring with goals to grow as much of their own food as possible. She knows this will be a lot of work but will be well worth it in the end!

Just For Fun

Check out this amazing house that was built out of a 3D printer! ICON, a construction company in Austin, Texas has come up with a 3D printer that can build a home that is ready to be moved into for $4,000! They use a special printer called the Vulcan, which is capable of printing a 650 square foot home out of cement in 12-24 hours. The company has plans to move the printer to Latin America to create the world’s first 3D printed community to help provide housing for a region that has struggled to provide shelter for its citizens. It is estimated that 33 million people in Latin America live in slums or homeless shelter and many services to help these people do not exist. They are hopeful with the Vulcan that users will be able to download, print and move into a new home in a day and live in it for years to come.

Check out more details and design photos HERE!

Photo Credit: Arch Daily, ICON & New Story